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How Long Does Yanwen Take to Deliver?

Yanwen delivers from regions throughout China to 120 countries including: UK, Australia, Russia, Canada, Czech Republic, India, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Ireland, Italy, France, Sweden, Austria, Brazil, Lithuania, Belgium, Iceland, Moldova, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Croatia, Latvia, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Estonia, Ukraine, New Zealand, Hungary, Israel, Chile, Belarus, Thailand. Shipping rates are dependent on package weight, size, delivery speed, destination, and shipping option selected. Shipping options:

  • Yanwen Express: Most popular expedited delivery.
  • Yanwen Economic or Standard: Most economical for E-commerce sellers who ship light packages and small products. Only available for parcels weighing less than 2kg. Delivery time = 14 to 21 days.
  • Yanwen Special Line: Air freight shipping to destination country and local carrier or postal service the rest of the way. This can impact delivery times. Delivery time = 14 to 28 days. Examples: Canada = 14 to 30 days via air freight and la Poste Canada. UK = 12 to 30 days via air freight and Royal Mail. Choosing Express Delivery may reduce delays, because packages go by air rather than land or sea. Note: Delays may occur due to inclement weather conditions, customs, hard-to-reach destinations, or COVID-19.

About Yanwen

Yanwen Express, more usually referred to as Yanwen, is a fully featured China-based logistics business. This company is renowned for offering some of the fastest shipping worldwide out of China. The company began in 1998, targeting greater efficiency and smartness in the global eCommerce logistics sector. The company has headquarters in Beijing which oversee 50 city-based offices throughout China. The company can ship packages to over 200 countries worldwide and has the capacity for more than 1.5 million shipments every day. The company has won a number of awards for its swift delivery services and the high-quality ways in which it manages data.

Yanwen Customer Service Contact

If you want to inquire about tracking a Yanwen parcel, you can telephone them on 400-108-5656, or write to them at:

No. 117, South Side Unit, Block D, B4, Beijing Airport Logistics Park

No. 16 Shunchang Avenue, Shunyi District

Beijing, China.

Yanwen Services

As a fully featured logistics company, Yanwen Express provides many different services, including consolidation and transshipment services, bonded export, tax refund services, 9610 docking, intelligent sourcing, and shipping both domestically and internationally. Using Artificial Intelligence systems, the company's warehouses have smart sorting systems that reduce the chances of human error significantly. With a strong e-commerce supply-chain network, customers can enjoy both low prices and swift delivery.

Yanwen Delivery Tracking Number

Tracking numbers typically start with two uppercase letters followed by 9 digits, and end with two uppercase letters (e.g., EF876543210YP or XD123456789CN). Often YP is used for Yanwen Express, and two capital letters begin and end the 10-digit number for Yanwen (e.g., EE1234567890TT).

Yanwen Tracking Statuses

  • Processing information input
  • Yanwen Pickup scan
  • Yanwen facility - Outbound
  • Port of departure - Departure
  • Port of destination - Arrival
  • Electronic information submitted by shipper
  • International shipment release - Import
  • Port of departure - Received by carrier
  • 航空公司启运
  • China In transit - Inbound
  • Pre-shipment info sent to carrier
  • SHENZHEN Package data received
  • İSTANBUL(AVR) In transit to next facility
  • 已交承运商运输
  • Arrival at export hub
  • Being held by post office
  • China Destination Country - Arrival
  • DONG GUAN Package data received
  • Departure to country of destination
  • Dispatch to USA