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TForce Logistics

TForce Logistics

To get an instant progress update on your TForce Logistics package, simply input your unique TForce Logistics tracking number, and our system will access the data stored on the TForce Logistics central system to provide you with a real-time update on what stage in the delivery process your shipment has reached.

About TForce Logistics

TForce Logistics delivers more than 100 million parcels every year, making it North America’s market-leader in same-day, final-mile transport services. The company is fully-owned and operated by TFI International Inc. and boasts significant value and strategic benefits thanks to its highly integrated and flexible supply chain, which can respond adeptly to customer network requirements.

TForce Logistics Customer Service Contact

TForce Logistics provides comprehensive customer support and can be contacted directly via telephone in the US on 8553962639, in Canada on 8003877787, or via the company’s official website at