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Royal Mail

Royal Mail

Using our online package tracker, it's simple and swift to keep track of your Royal Mail packages using your reference tracking number. In just a few seconds we'll let you know exactly where your Royal Mail parcels are, their status, and where they've been.

Royal Mail Then and Now

Royal Mail is one of the longest established public delivery services on the planet, having been established by King Henry VIII with the creation of the position of “Master of the Posts” (1516). When King James I (VI of Scotland) came to power, he made sure that a postal route between Edinburgh and London was established. These early mail services used horseback riders to transport documents and small parcels around the country; it was chiefly employed by aristocrats and members of the royal court. Under Charles I, in 1635, the public were allowed to avail themselves of the service very much as they can nowadays, except that in those days the recipient, rather than the sender, was responsible for paying postage.

In the 21st century, Royal Mail prides itself on continual innovation to suit the needs of modern clients. New types of posting systems and tracking capacities are added as they appear, and Royal Mail remains one of the UK's most important and stable businesses.

The Royal Mail has a huge number of employees, not only in the UK but worldwide. Currently, 150,000 workers are employed with the company, with an extra 18,000 joining for the Christmas period each year to help cope with the extra demand.

Royal Mail Customer Service Contact

The first port of call for any customer should be the FAQ pages of the Royal Mail website: it may be that somebody has already answered your question, and this could save you time and effort. If you can't find the answer to your question there, then you can contact the company directly: claims, complaints, and general inquiries are addressed 8 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday and 8 AM to 1 PM on Saturday. Telephone 03457740740, text phone on 03456000606, use the online contact form on the website, or write by post to the following address:


Royal Mail Customer Services

PO Box 740



Royal Mail Services

It's not only UK customers who can enjoy the benefit of Royal Mail's wide range of tracking capabilities. Royal Mail is continually creating new services and products; its International Tracking and Signature services have been attracting a great deal of interest internationally. Customers have a choice of three services, International Signed, International Tracked, and International Tracked and Signed.

The company is continually updating and improving services for businesses and personal customers. No matter whether you send out a couple of packages each year or a thousand a week, every customer enjoys identical high service levels. The Royal Mail has remained ahead of its rivals by continually introducing new features such as exclusive tracking numbers and online tracking. Although competitors may provide similar features, Royal Mail is the only one that can offer such a wide range of options and deliver anywhere on the planet. Some competitors may offer slightly lower prices, but in terms of reliability, convenience, and global coverage, Royal Mail is hard to beat.