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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy provides users of and associated applications with information about the policies and procedures we have in place to protect users’ privacy and confidentiality. We may update this privacy policy periodically. In the event we make changes to our policies and procedures, we will notify by posting an updated privacy policy on our website.

The Website

The operators of the website adopt a proactive approach to ensuring that users’ privacy and confidentiality are protected throughout their experience using the website.

Use of Cookies includes cookies that have been designed to make users’ experiences using this application more straightforward and enjoyable. A cookie control system is in place by which users are required to give us permission to use cookies on their devices or computers when they first visit The cookie policy and systems we have in place are fully compliant with the more recent legal requirements that govern the use of cookies, which require operators to obtain explicit user consent before applying cookies to a user’s device. also employs tracking software to monitor how users interact with the site and its functionality. This software is provided by Google Analytics, which also employs cookies in the process of monitoring visitor behaviors. When you visit, the Google Analytics software will save a cookie to the hard drive of your computer. This cookie will subsequently be used to verify how you use the site. However, it will not collect, save, or distribute any of your personal data.

In situations in which uses sponsored links, referral programs, or adverts, external vendors may store cookies to the hard drive of your computer. These cookies may be used for referral and conversion tracking and usually expire after a 30-day period has passed. However, some cookies may be installed on your computer for a longer period. These cookies do not collect, save, or share any of your personal data.

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Contact & Communication

Users who choose to contact the customer services team of this website do so at their own discretion. Any information exchanged during the process of communication with the operators and service team of is provided at the user’s own risk. Any personal information you do provide will be stored securely until the time at which it is no longer needed. The operators of have taken every measure possible to ensure that users can access a secure and safe email submission process; however, it is important to remind users that any information that is exchanged via email is done so at the user’s own risk. will use any information that users provide to improve the existing services or products that are available or to provide users with service support. We will not share any of the information you provide during the course of email communications with any third party.