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You can use our online package tracker to swiftly and easily track your GLS package using your reference number. We can instantly provide you with up-to-date information related to where your GLS parcel is, where it's been, and its shipping status.

About GLS

General Logistics Systems (GLS) has one of the best reputations of all the companies specialising in delivery services across Europe. GLS has Europe-wide operations, offering customers full courier services tailored to their requirements. More than 220,000 regular customers rely on GLS services, knowing that the company's many years of experience guarantee peace of mind for all your package deliveries. GLS collaborates with the Royal Mail to offer some of the most reliable and efficient delivery services for your European packages. The company has a reputation for top-class customer service and unbeatable punctuality; you need look no further when sending packages of any size to or within Europe.

GLS Services

GLS provides top quality international parcel delivery services through their GLS Euro Business Parcel and GLS Eurocamp Business Small Parcel offerings.

Broadly speaking these two services work in the same way but there are certain differences to be noted. Euro Business Parcel is suitable for packages up to 40 kg with a maximum combined length and width of 300 cm. This is suitable for shipping larger packages in Europe.

Euro Business Parcel Small is designed for smaller and more fragile packages that need extra care. These parcels are kept apart from the larger Euro Business Parcel packages, carried within specially designed bags. This service is designed to provide extra peace of mind with more secure transportation. Packages for this service cannot weigh more than 3 kg and must pass through the small-parcel frame.

GLS Customer Service Contact

TrackTheParcel provides you with up-to-date information about the status and delivery details of your shipment; however, we do not offer customer support for GLS. If you have any questions about your package, please get directly in touch with GLS. You can access support directly from GLS both via phone and website using the contact details provided below:

Phone: +353 1 860 6200