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To get an instant progress update on your 4PX package, simply input your unique 4PX tracking number, and our system will access the data stored on the 4PX central system to provide you with a real-time update on what stage in the delivery process your shipment has reached.

How Long Does 4PX Take to Deliver?

4PX offers delivery solutions for all continents, as well as many countries and territories. Delivery times are dependent on several criteria in the country of origin - package type, size, weight, and destination. Delivery times may change in the destination country due to package processing delays.

Generally speaking, order processing takes 3 to 6 days. Standard parcel delivery is as follows:

  • France, US, Portugal, Italy, Finland, Turkey, the Netherlands, Morocco, Germany, Denmark = 12 to 25 days
  • Singapore, UK, Taiwan, Thailand, Nepal, New Zealand = 4 to 14 days
  • Japan, Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Korea, Argentina = 18 to 35 days
  • Russia, Brazil, Serbia, El Salvador, Countries of the African Continent = Over 30 days

There may be extended delays due to inclement weather conditions, holidays, and customs. Note: Toxic substances, chemicals, alcohol, liquids, weapons, cigarettes, cash, goods considered dangerous, and products prohibited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) are prohibited.

About 4PX

Launched in 2004, 4PX Express, known more often simply as 4PX, is China’s leading provider of international e-commerce services. The company is found in 50 locations worldwide and employs more than 1,500 staff. The Shenzhen Capital Group, which is among the Chinese government’s biggest investment firms, and Singapore Post Limited are two of 4PX’s chief investors.

Since its inception, 4PX has enjoyed considerable success and is the preferred partner of e-commerce giants such as Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay. The company has also been the recipient of several prestigious awards from media companies and others including being named “China’s Up and Comer” by Forbes Magazine.

Services provided by 4PX

4PX offers consulting, software, and logistics solutions for customers. Globally, more than 20,000 e-commerce merchants depend on the services the company provides. Currently, 4PX leads the Chinese market by the scale of its operations, including being the Chinese market-leader by orders processed and revenue.

4PX Customer Service Contact

TrackTheParcel provides you with up-to-date information about the status and delivery details of your shipment; however, we do not offer customer support for 4PX. If you have any questions about your package, please get directly in touch with 4PX. You can access support directly from 4PX both via phone and website using the contact details provided below:

Phone: +86-755-23508077


4PX Delivery Tracking Number

4PX tracking numbers are usually 13 characters long, consisting of numbers and letters (e.g., RT123456789CN).

4PX Tracking Statuses

  • Shipment arrived at facility and measured
  • Depart from facility to service provider.
  • 4px picked up shipment
  • Parcel information received
  • Shipment information received
  • Hand over to airline
  • Shipment departed from airport of origin country
  • Arrival of goods at destination airport
  • In transit, it's progressing through post network
  • Arrived at hong kong hub
  • Released from customs: customs cleared
  • Arrive at the destination distribution center
  • Information received
  • 4px received shipment
  • Arrived at export center
  • Despatched to overseas
  • Arrival at destination
  • Arrived at the destination airport
  • Item is ready for transport
  • Notification of shipment confirmation